Why Simple & Short Video Promotion Will Win

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First of all, let me ask you. When you watch videos on Youtube, do you prefer watching short or long videos? Perhaps, it will depend on the content of the video, right? You might be willing to watch long video if the content is educational, for example. But, mostly you prefer to watch short videos. Especially when you're watching promotional videos. Who wants to watch long videos about product promotion? I think most people don't want to do that. With this fact in mind, it is better for you to create simple and short videos to promote your product or online business.
Here are some reasons why simple and short video promotion will win:
1. People visit Youtube (or other video-sharing websites) for fun
Most people visit Youtube to watch fun videos. Most of them want have fun with this website, not to be sold. They generally don't want to watch your promotion video. That's why you have to make it as short as possible. You should aim at least 2-3 minutes per video. This is enough to give information to your audience as well as introduce your product to them.
2. You can make lots of short videos
Since you need relatively short amount of time to create a short video, you can create lots of short videos for your promotion. Instead of creating several long videos, it is better for you to create lots of short videos so that you can spread your traffic. The more videos you create, the more traffic you will get to your videos. It means that your promotion will reach more people.
3. Lots of short videos will help your search engine traffic
If you link your videos to your website, and you have lots of videos uploaded to video-sharing sites, then you will have a good advantage in the search engine result. Lots of your videos will get indexed by the search engines, and they will help your website to rank better as well. It means that your videos will help you to increase your website traffic.
4. Short and informative videos are more liked
If you want to find information about how to do push up correctly, do you prefer watch short video or long video? You want to find a video that is informative and to the point, right? That's why your short videos will fulfil people's curiosity. Think about creating 2-minute video that tells your viewers about how to do push up correctly and put your video in front of your audience. People will watch your video. You don't need to speak for 10 minutes before actually giving the meat of your information.
5. You'll be more reputable for your no-nonsense information
When you've uploaded many short videos to video-sharing websites, people will start to remember your username, and you will start building good reputation because of your videos. People will recognize your videos as no-nonsense source of information. People will begin to subscribe to you and you'll have loyal following. However, remember that this can only happen if you create valuable short videos.
Those are the reasons why short videos will win. Now, don't forget to insert your promotion in your short videos, preferably in the end of your videos.


Install Google Now in Android 4.0 & a Short Review

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You must be aware of Google Now, which was recently released by Google at Google I/O 2012 in San Francisco with Nexus 7 tablet. Google Now is an alternative of “Siri” an iPhone voice recognition app for iDevices and has been appreciated by all the android lovers and the techies. It does all the tasks just like Siri but in a great manner and with a great speed too and the UI is awesome just like Jelly Bean. You can check weather report, sports update, set alarm, send message, call, search, even it has one more great thing that the user can also search for apps, music, contact from his phone; which is pretty cool thing that Google did as now the user can easily search for his contact, or can search for particular song he want to play, he doesn’t need to scroll his playlist of more than 100 songs to find a single track.


The another thing that I liked in Google Now is it doesn’t ask for confirmation like siri, for i.e. if you want to set an alarm for 7 a.m. Google Now straight away sets the alarm for 7 a.m. whereas, in siri it asks for the confirmation to set the alarm. You can check the speed, accuracy and the difference between both in the video below:


Though the Google Now was released for the device running Jelly Bean OS, but the developers ripped off the app from Jelly Bean OS and made it working on Ice Cream Sandwich devices.

Alright! Now let’s come to the installation procedure of Google Now in your ICS devices,

*Note you should have device running Android 4.0+ as the app only work with this version

  • Download the app from the link below and copy into your SD Card,
  • Now open root explorer and copy the same file to system/app (remember to change the permission of the folder to r/w or read and writable or else you won’t be able to move or paste the file to system/app and can’t change the permission required in next step.)
  • After copying the file to the desired destination change the permission to “rw-r--r—”
  • Now install the app, after it get installed it says app not installed don’t worry about that
  • Click on done
  • Reboot your phone and you are done to get your hands in Google Now

For root explorer you can install the “Root Explorer from Google Play for free and if you face any problem do let us know, will try to resolve the issue. Enjoy!

Download link

About Author: This article has been written by Pradeep Bhandari who is an Android fan and loves to play with his device by tweaking and trying new things on it. He blogs at Android Blog Hub and Android Devp where is writes about all the news and development of Android.


Keep Your Computer Going Strong with a Battery Backup (UPS) System

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It is a major inconvenience to have your computer power off right when you need it most. You might be working on an important work assignment, or a school paper that is due the next day. Either way, these important tasks can be delayed or lost in the event of an electrical blackout or dangerous power surge. Even if you’re not working on an important assignment, it can interfere with your entertainment; perhaps you are reading the news, playing your favourite computer game, or reading an E-Book. This will aggravate you as well, especially if you are highly engaged. Keeping your computer powered will save you this annoyance, and will also keep your computer safe and sound. This is exactly what a UPS system is for. It allows your computer to feed off of an alternative source of electricity while your power is out, and prevents power surges from reaching your computer.
When searching for the proper UPS system for your devices, you should take into mind several helpful tips and pointers. Do not forget to keep in mind the Volt-Amps needed by your devices, and your budget. Utilize these important details to find the best value for your money.
Depending on the power of your computer, you may need higher Volt-Amp ratings for your UPS system. Check the specifications for your PC to ensure that you are shopping for the right UPS.
  1. Does the UPS systems you are considering have enough outlets for not only battery backup, but for surge protection as well? Your most important devices should be connected to the battery backup- anything that is crucial for your system. Other unnecessary items can be plugged into surge protection only outlets, which still keep them from being damaged during surges.
  2. You may think that your printer is a good fit for the battery backup outlets- but it is not. Printers use a high amount of electricity, more than you may think. This can drain your UPS battery quickly. Instead, use surge only outlets.
  3. Run time ratings will tell you how long the UPS system will last during power failure. Some only last long enough for you to shut down your devices; others will allow you to use your computer for several hours, allowing you to continue working. Higher run time ratings will usually cost you more, so try to stay within your budget.
  4. Battery backup systems can be found in many different places, whether online or in stores. Please ensure that you review customer ratings on any UPS system that you may be considering. Previous customers are your best source for reliable feedback on particular models and brands of UPS systems. They will report any pros and cons honestly, as they have no incentive to lie. This can help you to avoid purchasing a brand with a bad reputation, or a model that is known for a quickly diminished battery life. UPS systems are an absolute pleasure to own, so be sure that you are prepared to do plenty of research to find the perfect high quality battery backup system.

Top 5 Free Android Productivity Apps

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Productivity apps are those apps which are mainly created just to increase your productivity, in simple words they are meant to make your work easy. There are more than 5 million apps on Play Store and it becomes quite difficult to choose the best productivity apps. What to do? Well, you don’t need to do anything because we have compiled the list of Top 5 Free Productivity Apps for Android device. All the enlisted apps are totally free and can drastically improve your productivity.


So, winding everything up quickly, here goes the list –

Google Maps

Google Maps is an amazing app developed by Google. Google Maps makes it easy for the users to find their own location, anywhere in the world. It also allows you to search for nearby Banks, Cafes, Hotels, Gas Stations etc. The fun just doesn’t stop here with Google Maps, you can also calculate the shortest way to go somewhere with Google Maps. Google Maps, in short words, is a perfect navigation app.


Wikipedia is world’s largest encyclopedia and what makes it more exciting is the fact that it’s completely free and in everyone’s reach. You can search for anything you want like – Taj Mahal, Perth, London etc and you will get a lot of content. If it isn’t on Wikipedia, you will hardly find it on any other Encyclopedia.


If you have a habit of forgetting things easily then Evernote is a perfect app for you. The app allows you to create audio, visual or even textual notes. You can even dictate a note, or can even click an image and use it as a note. Evernote is something which every working person should have on his/her Android device.

Word Web

Word Web is a free offline dictionary. Word Web is a really light app with some master class features like thesaurus etc. but at the same time it also lacks basic things like pronunciation etc. But you can of course drop such things for an offline dictionary. Word Web is completely free which makes it even more exciting.


DropBox is a cloud storage program. DropBox app is available on both iTunes and Play Store for free. The core feature of this app is that it allows you to upload things on your DropBox folder from any device. You can later use that data from any other device, be it computer, laptop, phone etc. provided you have an Internet connection.

Author’s Bio: This article is written by Cathy. Cathy is a professional blogger who’s living in the United Kingdom. She’s working hard to supplement her studies. She is doing part time job at HighStreetCentral.com and some other online blogs.


Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online

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Earning money has never been easy. Even in the 21st century many people are not able to earn their daily bread and butter. There are lots of things that you can do to make money, offline, like being a computer engineer, a space scientist etc. but what if you can make money just by sitting at home and regardless of your age, caste, creed or gender? Well, you can really do this.


If you are wondering how you can make money online then you better get settled down because we have compiled the list of Top 5 Ways to Earn Money Online. Here goes the tips’ list.


Blogging is the best thing that you can do online to make some money online. Initially, Blogging will look boring but in the long run, it’s just the best thing. When it comes to making money from blogging, the things are really difficult. To make your first $100 from your blog, you may even need a full one year or even more so don’t take blogging lightly. Make your blog a successful one and once it’s done, you will automatically earn hundreds of dollars on daily basis.

Affiliate Marketing

This is for the relatively quick money makers. Affiliate Marketing isn’t easy, it’s one of the most difficult ways to earn money online but it doesn’t take too long to get established in this market. You just need to suggest some sponsored products to your readers and if they’ll buy it from your link, you will automatically get some commission. Affiliate Marketing is something that you can even run parallel to blogging.


Freelancing is the trending thing. The rules of freelancing are really simple – write and get money. Also, freelancing is the fastest way to make money online, all what you need is a few contacts and that’s it. In freelancing, you make a deal with big bloggers or big link building firms that you’ll write for them for $X amount of money. If they agree, you are good to go and can make thousands of dollars from this.

Sell on eBay

If you think you are good at doing business but don’t have enough money to open up your own offline store then you don’t need get a loan from bank at so much high interest rates, all what you need is an eBay account that is completely free. Once registered, you can upload the images of products you want to sell along with their pictures (optional) and price. Make sure you give your products a competitive price.

Other Sources

The list of ways of making money online is endless. You can make money from hundreds of other sources like pay-to-click network, get-paid-today network etc. Other sources also include offering SEO services, link building services etc.

Author’s Bio : This article is written by Andrew. Andrew is living in the United States. He is a professional web entrepreneur and a gadget-geek. Andrew also loves horse riding and has got a lots of metal horse barns in his countryside farm house.