Top 5 Free Android Productivity Apps

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Productivity apps are those apps which are mainly created just to increase your productivity, in simple words they are meant to make your work easy. There are more than 5 million apps on Play Store and it becomes quite difficult to choose the best productivity apps. What to do? Well, you don’t need to do anything because we have compiled the list of Top 5 Free Productivity Apps for Android device. All the enlisted apps are totally free and can drastically improve your productivity.


So, winding everything up quickly, here goes the list –

Google Maps

Google Maps is an amazing app developed by Google. Google Maps makes it easy for the users to find their own location, anywhere in the world. It also allows you to search for nearby Banks, Cafes, Hotels, Gas Stations etc. The fun just doesn’t stop here with Google Maps, you can also calculate the shortest way to go somewhere with Google Maps. Google Maps, in short words, is a perfect navigation app.


Wikipedia is world’s largest encyclopedia and what makes it more exciting is the fact that it’s completely free and in everyone’s reach. You can search for anything you want like – Taj Mahal, Perth, London etc and you will get a lot of content. If it isn’t on Wikipedia, you will hardly find it on any other Encyclopedia.


If you have a habit of forgetting things easily then Evernote is a perfect app for you. The app allows you to create audio, visual or even textual notes. You can even dictate a note, or can even click an image and use it as a note. Evernote is something which every working person should have on his/her Android device.

Word Web

Word Web is a free offline dictionary. Word Web is a really light app with some master class features like thesaurus etc. but at the same time it also lacks basic things like pronunciation etc. But you can of course drop such things for an offline dictionary. Word Web is completely free which makes it even more exciting.


DropBox is a cloud storage program. DropBox app is available on both iTunes and Play Store for free. The core feature of this app is that it allows you to upload things on your DropBox folder from any device. You can later use that data from any other device, be it computer, laptop, phone etc. provided you have an Internet connection.

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