Why Simple & Short Video Promotion Will Win

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First of all, let me ask you. When you watch videos on Youtube, do you prefer watching short or long videos? Perhaps, it will depend on the content of the video, right? You might be willing to watch long video if the content is educational, for example. But, mostly you prefer to watch short videos. Especially when you're watching promotional videos. Who wants to watch long videos about product promotion? I think most people don't want to do that. With this fact in mind, it is better for you to create simple and short videos to promote your product or online business.
Here are some reasons why simple and short video promotion will win:
1. People visit Youtube (or other video-sharing websites) for fun
Most people visit Youtube to watch fun videos. Most of them want have fun with this website, not to be sold. They generally don't want to watch your promotion video. That's why you have to make it as short as possible. You should aim at least 2-3 minutes per video. This is enough to give information to your audience as well as introduce your product to them.
2. You can make lots of short videos
Since you need relatively short amount of time to create a short video, you can create lots of short videos for your promotion. Instead of creating several long videos, it is better for you to create lots of short videos so that you can spread your traffic. The more videos you create, the more traffic you will get to your videos. It means that your promotion will reach more people.
3. Lots of short videos will help your search engine traffic
If you link your videos to your website, and you have lots of videos uploaded to video-sharing sites, then you will have a good advantage in the search engine result. Lots of your videos will get indexed by the search engines, and they will help your website to rank better as well. It means that your videos will help you to increase your website traffic.
4. Short and informative videos are more liked
If you want to find information about how to do push up correctly, do you prefer watch short video or long video? You want to find a video that is informative and to the point, right? That's why your short videos will fulfil people's curiosity. Think about creating 2-minute video that tells your viewers about how to do push up correctly and put your video in front of your audience. People will watch your video. You don't need to speak for 10 minutes before actually giving the meat of your information.
5. You'll be more reputable for your no-nonsense information
When you've uploaded many short videos to video-sharing websites, people will start to remember your username, and you will start building good reputation because of your videos. People will recognize your videos as no-nonsense source of information. People will begin to subscribe to you and you'll have loyal following. However, remember that this can only happen if you create valuable short videos.
Those are the reasons why short videos will win. Now, don't forget to insert your promotion in your short videos, preferably in the end of your videos.


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Hi Sandipan,

I guess short or long depends on the message you like to deliver from the video. If you like to upload a walk-through in video gaming then short video will be no good option to deliver the message.


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It is nice yet productive way of getting your success with promotion.

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